Fear & Faith

by Taylor Janzen

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released June 8, 2017

All music written and recorded by Taylor Janzen

Artwork by Arielle Algera


all rights reserved



Taylor Janzen Winnipeg, Manitoba

Taylor Janzen is a singer-songwriter from Winnipeg, Manitoba. A self proclaimed "sad song enthusiast", her lyrical style is confessional, using personal experiences to write songs full of emotion and honesty. This lyrical style is matched with her powerful, yet controlled vocal abilities backed by a guitar, making for songs that are expressive and melodic. ... more

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Track Name: Fear & Faith
I denied You again this week
That marks denial number 3
Nothing could release me of my shame
You think I'd learn from the saints' mistakes

And I said "Do you think that I could bring them to their feet?
Or better yet straight to their knees?"
You replied with a sigh, "no don't you see,
you are just a vessel for me"

Chorus 1:
Take my filth and hollow me out
I'm tired of living in a battle ground
I cussed you out, then declared your name
I don't know why they both feel the same

The darkest cloud on my paternal side
Made up the DNA of my pride
But you see past the chemicals
To find me where the bell jar falls

So I pressed my hands up to the glass
Hoping you would see me as you pass
But with my efforts unrewarded, I still search for a sign
Cause I don't know how to live by faith and not by sight

Chorus 2:
Paint my heart with the same shade of red
That you use to print your words in and
Take my life so I don't take my own
Steal my breath in the purest of forms

Why do your praises fall flat in my chest
Even with the best of my intentions?
I'm just scared that I'll get there and You'll say "I don't know you"
You are the thing that I most need
So save me from my unbelief
And I'm just scared that I'll get there and You'll say "I don't know you"
Track Name: Pretend That It's Not There
Today I run this race
like i do every day
hit the finish line with grace
and restart the next day
But there's a stitch in my side
it slows down every stride
forget my need for air,
I'll just

Pretend that it's not there

There's a grief that's unobserved
we're convinced it's what we deserve
I see it in the eyes of my friends
Drinking coffee across from them

There's a pain that's unexplained
It lives in the folds of our brains
taking up all the empty space, 'til we

Pretend that it's not there

And I have grown accustomed to this house i built myself
The walls are covered in my sin,
I tore all the mirrors out
The floorboards are worn
and the foundation's cracked
So I just paint over it and
pray that it stays in tact
one day it'll all fall down
and I won't feel a thing
Or maybe i'll feel everything
and we'll all

Pretend that it's not there
Track Name: The Waiting Room
You see someone else when you look at me
You see what I've always tried to train myself to be
You see dinner tables and picture frames and everything in between
You see a medicated mind gripping tight to belief

And I hope I never have to see this waiting room again
With patients coughing beside me,
while i stare up at fluorescents
Praying that no one I know will walk in
And I'll have to explain why I'm here
But I don't even know why I'm here

My mouth sewn shut, for you I tear open the seams
Every time they ask what's wrong with me
If I knew, I'd tell you, but trust me I don't
And you can diagnose me, but that won't make me cope

And I hope I never have to see this office again
Spitting out my demons to somebody I just met
She's taking notes just to remember my name
Cause the only one who listens is the person I pay

And I hope I never have to see this waiting room again...

Lest I forget what it's done to my head
Let the medication fix me instead
Track Name: Peace
Verse 1:
I'm attached to my sadness
i can't help but regress
pulling stitches out of all my wounds
this smothering sickness
grips my lungs with it's iron fists
and I pray for it to loosen

I have a fear of being stagnant
and a distaste for change
with ambitions split right down the middle
But i found a prescription
to take up ammunition
and point straight at both sides

won't you lay your hands
on my troubled head
bring peace

won't you let your eyes
calm my racing mind
bring peace

Verse 2:
I want to let my voice fill the silence
in a way it's never been taught
I wanna be inspired by beauty
and captured by moments of clarity
I want brilliance to take my clouded mind
and wipe it's surface clean
even if just to reveal some type of normalcy
but maybe the brilliance lives in the chaos
and we have to find it ourselves
and maybe in our blind wanderings
we'll find each other in this like-minded fog

Father i stretch my hands
can you see them?
Father I lend my ears
can you teach them?

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